Monday, 11 July 2011

City Walk (part two)

We walked up Macquarie Street to Hyde Park Barracks. The Barracks were built between 1817 and 1819 to provide secure night lodging for the male convicts for an average of 600 men sleeping in hammocks. It also served in the future as Female Immigration Depot, Female infirm, Destitute asylum, Courts and Government offices and today it is used for a Museum that tells stories about its occupants lives and experiences. We had a great time looking around, and there  was a map trail for Master M to follow which he found interesting. Now it was time to find some lunch.


  1. Wow! Wonderful photos!xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing that, it looks like my kind of day out! Fab pictures!

    Lou xxx

  3. Beautiful pics (love the shadow on the floor) and what an interesting place to visit too.


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