Monday, 21 November 2011

Getting Started

Today was the day to start getting my baking organized for Christmas. The fruit is soaking in brandy for the Christmas cake and pudding, I made four batches of shortbread dough ( coffee, chocolate , and two batches of cranberries ) and for the first time I tried making lemon Macaroons, I will have to try a few more times to get them right. Lots more to do but a least I have started. What have you been baking?


  1. You are so organised. All I've made this week is some flapjacks, but I hope to make a cake at some point too.

  2. I haven't been baking anything. We don't start preparing for Christmas that early in Greece.Besides, Greek Christmas sweets don't need time as pudding does. Melomakarona and kourambiedes are quick to make and bake. But I must say your photos got me thinking...

  3. Now that is what you call organised! Well done you....

    Lou xxx

  4. Oh wow every thing looks so good!! This week is a big baking week as we have thanksgiving thursday!!! Pies... was polishing silver and ironing the tablecloth!!! Love the idea of lemon macaroons! mmmm

  5. I don't do a cake any more as there is only me likes it - I miss locking the bowl out though! XXXX

  6. I was saying that they're all weird ingredients for the current season in your little corner of world indeed!!!
    I'm not a baker but could be a good taster.. :)
    Happy baking!

  7. You are very industrious! I have been wrapping a few presies to head Down Under! I imagine it's warming up over there now?

    Sarah x

  8. Hi Greenthumb,
    I am glad that I found you. You have a wonderful blog filled with neat ideas!
    I am not really a baker, but I am going to try making biscotti today.



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