Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Which One ?

Master M got some gift vouchers and cash for his Birthday, as people weren't sure what he wanted for his birthday present. He was saving up for a skateboard and they were only to happy to contribute to something he wanted. So it started, which one to get. A long board, a street rider, a trick board or a cruiser. He settled on a cruiser. He was so happy pick his own board and what he really wanted. Now the fun starts.


  1. Which one indeed? I would never be able to choose.
    Enjoy Master M.

  2. I'm sure he will have many hours of fun with his new board. When my boys were younger, I spent hours at the skateboard shop. Then we went on to paint ball guns and now everyone has a car. Enjoy it while it last.

  3. It does look like fun - I know he'll enjoy it. Loved your previous post - I am going to introduce afternoon tea into our lives hear at heart shaped towers. xxxx

  4. It would have been a hard choice. I think I would still have been there now.


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