Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Crabapple Jelly

About 8 years ago Mum and Dad gave us a Crabapple tree and we planted it in our back garden. It's just lovely with the most beautiful pink flowers in spring. Well this year I thought I would make Crabapple Jelly, Master M picked the Crabapples for me and I then set about making the jelly. It was very easy as crabapples have a lot of pectin. I washed the apples then covered them with water, brought to the boil then simmered till the crabapples started to break down. I then drained the liquid from the crabapples. For every litre of liquid you add 1kg of sugar, I brought the juice back to the boil, then to a simmer, added the sugar, simmered till set, then poured into sterilised jars. If you get a Chance to get your hands on some crabapples you should give it ago.


  1. I love it! My mum makes it and I think it's the jelly with the best flavour and aroma!

  2. It looks yum, but is it quite sour? Not that there's anything wrong with a bit of sour... I recently had rose petal jelly and that was delicious!

  3. How lucky you are to have a crab apple tree! I was given some crab apples last year and made a jelly with them which was delicious. Lovely photos. x


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