Sunday, 18 March 2012

Art Gallery

 We spent the best part of the morning wandering around the Art Gallery of N.S.W,

This lot of art work was done by the year 12 students there Major work for the HSC.

We all enjoyed our time at the gallery.


  1. You just reminded me that I was going to go to the art gallery yesterday - but once I got shopping, I forgot all about it!!! (Thats what being 52 does for your memory!!!) Lovely post. xxx

  2. I alwayd come away from an art gallery full of enthusiasm ready to start being creative.

  3. won my giveaway! Email me your address to and I will post it to you tomorrow. Hope you like it.
    Love your art gallery photos...haven't been to an art exhibition for ages.
    Much love Trish

    1. So happy that I won your giveaway, thank you so much.


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