Monday, 12 March 2012

A City Day

We took the
River cat into town first thing on Sunday morning.


Views of Sydney Harbour from the water.

We made our way walking through town, always so many thing to see.

The line for the Manly ferry was so long,  it must have been a sunny day in Sydney.

Although it's Autumn there were still plenty of people socking up the rays. 

The end of a lovely day out.


  1. I'm happy you took such a nice walk

  2. Hi the photos are stunning, it sounds and looks idyllic.

  3. Fantastic views, lovely blue sky and sea. We went to the seaside on Sunday to see the amazing yarnbombing.
    Carol xx

  4. Lovely moments you have captured here..keep us updated with more such photographs!

  5. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous and awesome! I've visited Sidney 22 years ago and I never forgot that fantastic city! The Opera House is still one of my favourites - so classy! I remember visiting Manly Beach, the zoo, the tower - I also remember that church you have photographed! It really makes me sigh! I am glad I found your blog! Christa


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