Monday, 28 May 2012



On saturday evening we had a wander around Newtown. Newtown is an eclectic mix of alternative cultures, ethnicity, lifestyles from academic and students to punks and poets. Newtown is centred around the famous Kings Street which has Sydney's largest example 19th century commercial architecture.The food seen in Newtown ranges from grungy pubs, small bars, beer gardens, rooftops, to a endless stream of eateries. We ended up at a Thai restaurant  where we had the freshest tastiest Thai I have had in a while. If you are in Sydney you should have a look around Newtown you won't be disappointed.


  1. What fabulous pictures - it looks like a very cosmopolitan place.

    Nina x

  2. The architectural design of the town is interesting as I can see from the first photo.

    I have been to Thailand and I love Thai food.In our place, we have many Thai restaurants, so whenever I miss Thai food, I can get it here!
    I love Thai mango rice, Pad Thai and Thai chicken with rice the most.
    have a nice day !


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