Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Playing with cake

I'm still playing with the art of cake decorating. I will give you a run down in the steps it takes to cover a cake. 
First you dirty ice or crumb coat your cake.

You then dust down your work space with corn flour.

Roll out you shop brought fondant,  not to thin as cracks will appear.

 The size of the fondant should be slightly larger than your cake.

You then take a smother and smooth your cake.And trim off any excess fondant.

I then made some royal icing, and had fun playing.

Wet down the pointy bits with a fine brush. 

My take on a mini Lavender cake. 

Not bad what do you think?


  1. Hello! What a lovely cake! Thank you for visiting my blog & leaving such a lovely comment, I'm glad to have found your blog and am following, looking forward to catching up on your previous posts and reading more, marina xx

  2. I am impressed! You are very talented, indeed and I am sure it tasted wonderfully sweet! Christa

  3. Thanks for all these step by step procedures...I missed reading this and other posts as your post was not updating in my dashboard.
    So, this late comment !
    Anyway, you are so talented,made the icing/decoration look so easy !
    Really beautiful piece of cake art !

    1. I'm glad you found this post I did it for you :)


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