Monday, 18 June 2012


Bankstown is a suburb of south west Sydney. It is full of ethnic diversity everywhere you look is something new to see.

As we walked in to the spice shop the first thing I noticed was the aroma of all the spices. 

 Delicious  sweets.

 I think these paddles might be used to shape soft cheese.

So many different seeds and nuts to choose from, Master M decided on cashews while we looked for some thing for lunch.

We had such a lovely day out, I love to find interesting places to visit in my own city. Since  I started my blog I  find it a great way to keep a track of and look back on what my family and I have been doing.


  1. Yes blogging { or photo blogging } is indeed a great way of keeping track of the journey of our life with our loved ones and moments shared together.
    The place is interesting-I could identify many spices and nuts which I regularly use in my kitchen. Cashews, cinnamon sticks,turmeric and cumin powder,for example.
    Have a nice day !

  2. Wow... it looks wonderful. How I would love to meander around there with you.x

  3. looks like a fun much to see and learn!

  4. Hey! Looks very cool, I am very jealous of your food culture...the markets are so good!

    Sarah -x-

    PS I owe you an answer re photo editing: picasa and picmonkey -x-

    1. Thanks for that. I will have a look in the next few days.

  5. fascinating!! hi--new follower!


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