Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sea Glass

When I'm at the beach one of my favourite things to do is to go beach combing. I have a large glass container full of shells, stones and sea glass. I saw a photo of a home made neckless and thought I would love to have a go at making one. It took a bit of practice not to crack the glass and shells, I had to buy a new drill bit and that made all the difference, I like the idea and the end result, it  reminds me of warm days at the beach.


  1. I admire this creative side of yours !
    The neckpiece made of natural shells and stones looks quite unique because of the unconventional shapes of the glass. The color combination is also nice.
    I have purchased many beads from the market but have not made any neckpieces yet because I do not have a proper drill or a wire cutter.
    Hoping to start a project soon.

  2. What a lovely idea and totally unique.
    I love the way the sea softens even the sharpest materials...
    I hope you'll get a lot of wear from this lovely necklace this Summer.
    Joasia x

  3. Lovely idea and the composition of colors is beautiful. You could even thread your finds on a thin silvery wire. Christa

  4. Beautiful... really

    1. I added the little shell you sent me.

  5. I love your necklace made from the sea! We have tons of sea glass on our beach too. I have yet to make anything with it but I have it on trays for my orchids and in every nook and
    I hope the sun is shining brightly for you.~~

  6. One of my favourite things is sea glass. What a brilliant idea and I'm going to have a go. xxxx


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