Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Our last part of our holiday to Victoria was spent at the snow.  We live in Sydney and our winter weather doesn't get that cold really, around 15 c. It's a 6 hour drive to the closest snow fields  but we have never skied in the Victorian fields, about 9 hours away we ski / boarded at Fall Creek such a lovely part of the world. 

I just love the colour in our snow gums, I think it is one of my favourite trees. 

It was so cold but we all had so much fun.

After a few day at the snow it was time for our long drive home.


  1. I love the photographs of the trees covered with snow. It is a delightful sight. I am happy for you , you had so much fun. It is raining here.
    have a nice day,

  2. You certainly had a great time, it sings out through your (fabulous) photos and words!
    I agree with La Dolce Vita, it's raining here too - I think Britain is officially in monsoon season :o(
    Rose H

  3. Hello Dear
    Thank you for your visit and your comment. The post today is that your best for us. A little breeze to whether from pictures ... It seems that you had a nice trip. I do not like the heat at all and I love the snow. When you have Christmas?

  4. That looks so strange to me at this time of year - what a wonderful world we live in. Great photos. xxxxx

  5. I bet it was beautiful. I've been up into snow gum areas in the summer and loved the gorgeous colours and shapes. I can imagine it would be even prettier in the snow. Juliex

  6. Looks like so much fun. My kiddos love snow fun too. I've never heard of snow gum - beautiful!

  7. Beautiful photos, especially the snow-gum tree.
    My husband and I love the winter here in Newfoundland, but at the moment we are enjoying the heart of summer. It is fun to see your side of things. Xo's

  8. The snow gum tree is quite interesting. You guys look faubulous. Enjoy the snow it's so hot hear today. :) Interesting to see the changes in your part of the world.
    Hugs Rosemary...xo


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