Saturday, 25 August 2012

Liebster Award

Today I am very happy to say that I was awarded the Liebster Award from oldthings  it's such a lovely blog and if you have time pop over and say Hi.

The rule is that I must say 11 things about me  but if you excuse me I prefer to answer the questions:

1.  Which is the most boring book you've ever read ?
   I can't think of one a the moment.   

2.  Which movie made you cry your eyes out?  

3.  Do you like "Friends " and if you do , which character do you identify with?

4. What do you find more relaxing , going to camping or staying at 5-star hotel?
I love to camp, but as far as relaxing 5 star all the way.    

5.  What's the ideal way to spend a work-free day?
 At the beach.     

6.  Coffee  or tea?   

7. What's the best present you've ever received ?
 My son has his own money at christmas time
to buy gifts, one year he got me a lovely photo frame,
 he then got his grandma to print a wonderful photo
of himself, it sits beside my bed.    

8. Have you ever been given a really haircut and how did you react?
I had my hair blonded once, far to blonde and my 
husband said oh well at least you can wear 
at hat.  

9. What color is your car?  

10. When's your birthday  ?  
4th March.

11. Do you use a camera or your cell-phone to take pictures ?
A camera, trying to save for a better one.      

My 11 questions for the bloggers are the same  I'm passing the award to.

And the Liebster Award goes to:


  1. Just read your answers to the questions and at the end? You mentioned me! Thank you so very much! I do like your blog - it is so personal and unique with all the pictures of your DIY projects incl. the cooking etc.etc. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thank you for all the comments you have left on my blog! Christa

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  3. Hello Greenthumb! Many congratulations on your well deserved Liebster Award :o)
    Thank you indeed for the honour of passing the award to Second Hand Rose, I really appreciate it.
    Many thanks,
    Rose H

  4. II loved the gift you made ​​your son. Thank you so much that you accepted the award and you give to other blog friends .I loved the gift that your son made ​​to you!.
    Have a nice day

  5. Thank you so much dear friend, for giving me this prestigious award, I am so happy ! I loved reading your answers. Glad to know that your son is so creative in his own way- the gift ideas that he thought about while gifting you and his grandma -are unique. Also loved reading your hubby's reply to your hair color. Your family is so cool and calm.
    have a happy day !

  6. Thank you very much for thinking of my blog for this award. You're very kind. I really appreciate it. Happy Sunday!!!! ;O)

  7. Thank you for the award, it is very much appreciated.

    Thanks for reading and following.

  8. Congratulations! So how long did you wear that hat for? :)))
    Aw! Most precious gift from you son. <3
    I bet your getting quite excited about your gardens and the warmer weather on the way.
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  9. Congratulations on winning the award, your blog is super, I have enjoyed visiting
    Hope to pop back soon


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