Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Spring Time

I thought I would share Spring time in my garden with you, these are some of the flowers that have started to bloom in the garden with lots more to come. It's such a nice time of the year to get outside and spend time in the garden.


  1. I didn't know that you have such a beautiful garden at home ! Anyway, these flowers are so very beautiful and I am pleased to know that you have a penchant for gardening!
    You should show us your garden photos more often in this blog.
    have a great day !

  2. So nice to know that Spring has reached you, whilst we're enjoying the last days of Summer!
    And wow, Nasturtium in bloom so early!

  3. Your flowers are beautiful. The weather was so bad here this summer that hardly anything seemed to flower, just had lots of very green grass!
    M x

  4. so many flowers! lovely arrangement! happy spring!

  5. Spring time????? Where????? I am so jealous.... Christa

  6. Sweet images Greenthumb. Spring seems such a long way off as we're just coming into Autumn. Hope your season is better than the one we had in the UK this year.
    Rose H

  7. Spring is my favourite time of year.
    Carol xx

  8. Do all flowers are from your garden? They are wonderful!!!! Here, begin the fall immediately. Greetings from Spain :O)

  9. What a beautiful mix of spring 'cottage' flowers.

  10. It's definitely Autumn here now.

    Happy Spring

    Nina x


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