Monday, 1 October 2012


Reasons to be grateful. Each month we share photos of things we are grateful for. I would like to capture everyday moments that would otherwise be forgotten: the humour, hope, kindness, joy and love. I hope it's a chance for me to be creative, and a way to express my feelings. Capturing our family's growth. I hope it's a wonderful way to reflect on the beauty around us, and focus on living every moment of every day. If you would like to join please leave a link to you blog in the comments column.


  1. Ahh gorgeous photos! I love how you have grouped them all like that.

  2. I love the top left photo, very sweet xx

  3. Wonderful happy photographs. x

  4. Indeed! There are lots of things in our lives to be grateful for!
    Love your photo's!

    Juliëtte xxx

  5. I'm still loving that lavender.

    A beautiful set,

    Nina x

  6. Wonderful photos full of love, beauty , hope and kindness !

  7. Sweet captures! Photos are certainly wonderful for documenting all the special and everyday moments in our lives.
    Happy week to you.

  8. These moments are indeed something to be grateful for. You have such a happy family. I love the first photo where your son is hugging his dad ! And the rose is wonderful. I love the smile of your mom {she is your mom, I guess} , she is so graceful !
    have a lovey day !


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