Saturday, 1 December 2012

Chocolate biscuits pudding

Master M has one week left at school then he has 8 weeks summer holidays, poor me so its the time of year when every day he is bring a note home saying he needs party food, tins of food, toys or  money for something at school, swimming or karate. I made these for his Library Monitor  party.

Supplies: You will need chocolate biscuits, I used the kind with a marshmallow so they had a dome shape, a packet of Jaffa balls and spearmint leaves lollies and a small piece of fondant.  
I then took a small piece of fondant and pinched it to shape, then added a drop of water to get it to stick to the biscuits.
Add the Jaffa ball with a bit of icing.
Cut then spearmint leaves into 3 then place around the ball, all the children loved them.

The first day of summer is here with temperatures reaching 42 Celsius. 


  1. Hello,
    They look wonderful, so creative - you sound like my mum at the beginning of the summer holidays! 8 weeks of keeping master M happy! ... and you both had such happy faces on your last post! I am sure it will be a special time. I can't imagine the 42°c bit though we had our first frost and -2°c yesterday morning and that was a shock to the system! Have a good weekend.

  2. You must very happy for your holidays !
    The biscuits look very delicious and the children
    will be thrilled .
    Have a nice month !

  3. That looks such a great idea!
    Sarah x

  4. The result is very nice. You have a lot of imagination. I wish you a good weekend for you and your family. x

  5. Wonderful idea! Quick, clever, easy!
    I can't even imagine how Christmas with 42 degrees must be like!

  6. Mmmm, they look delicious! I am sure they are!
    42 degrees! Send me a little bit of
    warmth and I will send you a little bit of cold!
    Minus 20 degrees over here!

    Kisses! Juliëtte

  7. Qué cámbio, qué bueno!!

  8. What a creative mum, only wish I had found your blog whilst my children were of the same age... would have saved me endless calls to grandma pleading for help. Have a wonderful time together.

  9. What a brilliant idea ! I feel like eating them right now! You are witnessing the first days of summer ? We are witnessing the first days of winter here !
    Have a lovely day and keep inspiring us with new ideas !

  10. These look like they would be a good Christmas treat! 42 degrees C., hmmmm!

  11. These are a great idea and look so festive.

  12. These are so effective. I think I must make these at some stage over Christmas! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  13. Hi Greenthumb..this is such a clever idea!


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