Monday, 4 November 2013

DIY Recyclable paper Christmas Wreath

We are heading off on holidays very soon after Christmas day, so I don't want to pull the boxes out and spend hours decorating, well I really don't have the time to pack them all away get the house and garden ready drop the dogs off and pack, so this year I'm making  Christmas decorations from what I have a round the house then I can put them in the recycle bin.

So , here is my DIY Recyclable Paper Christmas wreath which used items I already had in my home and I consider the cost to be zero!

What you'll need
A newspaper or magazine
Thin cardboard (at the width you want your wreath)- cereal box or an old card
Stapler(and staples)
String or ribbon to hook the wreath

Step one

Using a bowl or something round as a guide, draw a circle onto the cardboard and then another ring in the middle, then cut this ‘ring’ of cardboard out.  My wreath was only about 20cm in diameter.

Either using a punch-hole or scissors, put two holes in the cardboard for your string.

Step Two

Now cut up your newspaper or magazine into squares. Ideally the squares should be at least 8cm x 8cm.  I would recommend cutting only one page and figuring out how big the scrolls work out before cutting a pile of pages up!

Step Three

Now we need to create the scrolls. I found that folding a corner down and then rolling the paper created the easiest scroll to manage. You will want to create a ‘cone’ like effect (note the top end 

Step Four
When it comes to making your second row, try to place the new row in the middle of the first rows gaps (to try and minimise the gaps). You’ll notice the new row of scrolls won’t sit flat – that’s a good thing!

Step Five
Now comes the tricky part – you need to staple the scroll to the cardboard. Starting from the outer edge of the wreath, I recommend flattening the bottom end of the scroll first then getting the stapler in there.

Step Six
When it comes to the final row in the center of the ring, you will need to make different scrolls. Roll the paper square from corner to corner (so you’re still creating that nice ‘pointy’ end) and then fold in two – ideally folding it off centre so one scroll sits higher than the other scroll.

Step Seven
Now staple these folded scrolls into the center, aligning them neatly with the edge of the cardboard (ideally you don’t want any cardboard showing). You’ll also be ideally covering up all the other scroll ends so place each center scroll right next to each other so it completely covers all gaps.

Step Eight
Then you should finish with a beautiful wreath! It’s quite amazing how beautiful something so simple can look! Especially something made out of newspaper and cardboard! Oh and I added a bow from a scrap of material.

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  1. Hi friend!!! This is beautiful and so very practical and perfect all at once!!! I love that you are doing simple projects like this to save you time! It is so pretty!!! I will be pinning this one!!! Thank you so much for sharing this one!!!

  2. very clever! and very effective!

  3. That is very pretty, clever you! Julie x

  4. Great idea and a good use of old newspaper!

  5. Great idea. I will be trying this out myself but I'll probably use up all the old wrapping paper I've saved rather than newspaper.

  6. Brilliant idea ... I am going to try it using old sheet music! M x

  7. Your wreath looks wonderful. I remember making something similar a few years ago and was surprised how much paper I used.
    Sarah x

  8. That's adorable! What a great idea for using up old paper and not being wasteful. Thanks for the idea. :)

  9. Such great fun and definitely unusual! Christa

  10. Thanks for the "how to" for a clever idea, Jill :)
    Gracie xx

  11. This is a wonderful idea. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with! You always have such a Christmas wonderland at your house and I'm sure this year will be no different!

  12. Hallo, bedankt voor het bezoeken van mijn blog. Ik ben blij dat ik op deze manier uw blog heb ontdekt. En bedankt voor de beschrijving van de kerstkrans.


  13. so so cute!

    We usually go away for Christmas, but this year (the first time since 2002) we will be in town. I have gotten used to a "less is more" Christmas so I plan to use what I have around the house.

  14. Hi, what a lovely idea, thank you for your comment on my blog.xx

  15. what a clever idea. Have thought of doing one with ribbons, but you need so many, but with this it's just some paper.

  16. I love your idea for a wreath. I'm not sure any attempt I made would end up looking as nice as yours though! :-)

  17. Very nice idea. I am a huge fan of repurposing.

  18. This is brilliant - I'll really have to give it a try! Great blog you have here.

  19. What a clever original idea.

  20. Such a clever idea, I might try this with the children at the library for Christmas. Thanks for sharing.


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