Thursday, 1 October 2015

Scavenger Hunt (September 2015)

These are my photos for this months Scavenger Hunt If you would like to join in, just leave a link on the Scavenger Hunt  page to your photos collection, on your  Blog. That way we can all see and enjoy them. I now have a Scavenger Hunt Button on my home page, that will link back to the Scavenger hunt page, It would be great if you could use the button on your Blogs.

Woven: A woman weaving one of many small baskets. 

 This woman made hundreds of these little things night after night.

I would have love to have a taste of each of them.

The Crabapple tree in the back garden is full of flowers.


Off on an adventures cuff walk.

Love the lines in this courtyard.

These fire dancers I find very mesmerising.

The triangles in the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I wonder what this little boy was dreaming about as he gazed out over the water.

What better day to celebrate than Master M birthday tomorrow.

Whatever you want:
The Three Sisters, The Blue Mountains.

If anyone has any ideas for the Scavenger hunt list please let me know, it would be a great help.

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  1. It is always interesting to see what you see to illustrate your prompts...this time I was especially struck by the triangles and lines you saw, and the Three Sisters. We have Three Sisters mountains south of us near Bend, Oregon, USA !

  2. Just beautiful photos, Jill! Happy Birthday to Master M tomorrow! I loved the colors in Curly and the mesmerizing fire; but dreamy was my favorite for its element of mystery. I'll be flying home in a week, and then I promise to come up with ideas. "Bittersweet" just popped in my mind. Take care!

  3. These were such fun photos to gaze at; I especially liked "line". As to your Three Sisters, I was going to say the same thing as Gracie, since I too am from the Pacific Northwest. Thank you for hosting such a fun party :)

  4. Love the choices you made - those rock towers are amazing - and the "curly" photo was fabulous. And we have Sisters Mountains to the east of us in NW Washington. There are 3 main ones - and dozens of others.

  5. Beautiful photos - still trying to work out exactly what curly is! But love the colours and shapes. :)

  6. Iamthe new girl on the blovk. This is my first attempt today and I love the selection you have made to illlustrae your all the words. It is wonderful to see how different people see and shoot the images for the word prompts. Love the dreamy shotof the little boy, that is an amazing shot for curly,I'm withyou on the greedy one but perhaps we could share, and I love the Sydney Bridge and the Three Sisters as it brings back happy memories of when I visited a number of times when my daughter adn family lived there, now hav a home in Innisfail, Queensland but living in Malawi at present. Many thanks for hosting adn I hope you received me email with some word suggestions, Have a great month ahead.

  7. Your photos are BRILLIANT this month. The woven one is so fantastic, catching the process, the fire dancer is breath-taking and the dreamy boy was a great thoughtful one!x

  8. Oh and maybe
    Mixture, stretchy, orb?

  9. I love the photo of the hands weaving - beautiful! Also the curly one, so bright and colorful. Happy birthday to Master M! We have Three Sisters mountain peaks here in Oregon, too.

    Thanks for hosting! It's always fun to see what people come up with.

  10. Great photos, I love the colours in them especially the last one of the mountains:)

  11. All great photos, but I like the one of the blue mountains best of all. That really is stunning! xx

  12. Great collection of scavenger hunt photos. I just left my link to this month's photos too. I'm jealous that you have apple blossoms! We are into collecting apples for apple juice now. ;))

  13. I love your Curly photo and the Blue Mountains. This is a beautiful challenge to get a chance to see different corners of the world. thank you for organising it :)

  14. Oh these take me back...The Rocks and the Three Sisters, happy times in Oz.
    Love your clever Curly shot, such vibrant colours, I also like Flower and Mesmerizing very much too. Thanks for hosting each month. xx

  15. Lovely photos, really like curly - so striking! Delicious Greedy shot and Mesmerising is wonderful too. I'm another newbie and enjoyed my first hunt - definitely makes you think! Thank you for hosting.

  16. I always enjoy your scavenger hunt images they are so different to those from the Uk! It nice to see blossom again and those views of Sydney. Sarah x

  17. Great collection of photos - always so different to other participants! I love woven and mesmerising.

  18. A beautiful collection of photos. Such bright and vibrant colours too. x

  19. How interesting - I take part in a yearly 'Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt' [hosted at Gallo Organico] but haven't seen a year-round one until now ... good to know! I know how much fun it is to cross items off the list as you find them.

    I like a challenge myself - I've currently set myself a goal to leave 300 blog comments in 30 days [this is number 182!].

    Julie :-)

  20. Hi Greenthumb, Some great photos. The Fire Dancer is a great shot & love the colours in the Curly one. I came across a link to your site on another Blog that had done your Scavenger Hunt. I've recently given up doing a very time consuming webcomic site & have just started a new regular type blog so I'm going to have a go at your November Scavenger Hunt Challenge & see what I can come up with. I'm not overly creative when it comes to photography but will give it my best shot. .
    Greetings from Launceston, Tasmania

  21. Hi Jill! I can't seem to find your October hunt, but I did find the list for November. So I've put my link up. I'm under the weather. I must lie flat in bed and not move very much ~ trying to avoid a trip to the hospital. Been down this road many times, and I know what I must do. Don't worry! I'm going to be fine. I will check others posts as soon as I can. I had an idea for December or January. This is a little different; out of the box. It might involve a little archive digging, It's a time of year when we often take stock, so maybe we could do photos with things like a goal completed, a goal we'd like to tackle next year, a bucket list item we done and one not done, something we're proud of, a dream realized, something we dream of that we'd like to achieve next year, something or someone we love, a favorite place we like to spend time, a favorite hobby we like to do, a favorite time of day, a favorite holiday tradition, a favorite holiday recipe or treat, something we're thankful for, something we'd love to treat ourselves with, etc. You get the idea. Happy November! If for some reason you didn't post October finds, don't worry about it. We all have life intervene. Hope all is well. Sending you hugs.

  22. Is anyone else having trouble seeing John's photos? I'm being denied access to his site.

  23. When does the Link list for November open up? I've got my photos ready to go

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  25. Great photos, I love the colours in them especially the last one of the mountains:)


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