Monday, 10 October 2011

Party Time

The lolly bags were brown paper bags with a cut out of a skater boy.

Shortbread biscuits as a little gift, all the mums got one also to have with a coffee after the party.

 Ready to start.

Skate park cake I made.
 Some of the party food, cake pops and fruit and lollies sticks.


Opening the presents after the party, with his oldest mate.

Well Master M had his 10th birthday party, we held it at a local skate park and thank goodness the rain stayed away. We had a pro-scooter rider come in for a hour to teach the kids some tricks they all had fun with only two stacks. We ordered pizza in and i made some party food, all the children we so good it made for such a fun day. 


  1. He must have had the time of his life!!! What an amazing party! And I must say, you're a pro when it comes to making cakes!

  2. Sounds like serious fun to me!
    Master M looks older than 10 doesn't he. What a lovely age. What a lucky young man.
    Much love

  3. Happy birthday to your Master M - all those party goodies look fabulous.

  4. Sounds like a great day! Happy birthday to him :)


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