Saturday, 28 April 2012


Reasons to be grateful. Each month we share photos of things we are grateful for. I would like to capture everyday moments that would otherwise be forgotten: the humour, hope, kindness, joy and love. I hope it's a chance for me to be creative, and a way to express my feelings. Capturing our family's growth. I hope it's a wonderful way to reflect on the beauty around us, and focus on living every moment of every day. If you would like to join please leave a link to you blog in the comments column.


  1. Lovely! You seem to be such a likeable and happy person! And your sons so sporty and adventurous! Like your apple harvest! Have a wonderful weekend! Christa

  2. What wonderful moments you have captured.
    have a lovely

  3. Beautiful moments, once captured and treasured forever !
    I love seeing the moments of togetherness you share with your family in these pictures.
    Love the apple pictures, I love apples!


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