Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Scavenger hunt ( April )

I'm joining in with Kathy over at  Postcards from the P.P doing a scavenger hunt each month. These are the things we had to find this month.

One the move: he is never still when he is on his scooter.

Tangle: a group of tangled up wire that lets a ball roll down and around and around.

Direction: we have had One Direction madness in Australia.

In and Out: of the art gallery.

Spring: not spring here so a photo from last year.

Rock: a break wall covered with painting from people all over the world who have come for a holiday. 

Indulgence: one of Adriano Zumbos sweet indulgences.

Sticky: a Lollipop from the easter show

Multi-Coloured: so bright.

Amazing: I think this is amazing, as I couldn't go on a ride like that.

Smile: The last smile we saw at the easter show.

Can't live without: who could live without their loved ones.


  1. Love your picture collection based on the theme of scavenger hunt .
    The brick wall with painted pictures is amazing, so is the clown/ masked man!
    The picture of your loved ones is simply heart touching as it reminded me how much love is important in our life, our loved ones are God's gift to us.
    Have a nice day,

  2. The tangle shot is brilliant - how do people come up with the idea to make things like that? It's huge! I had to squint at the ducks though, very bright! Ellen x

  3. What fab shots! I love the bright ducks! The tangle is so clever!
    I don't like rides like that either! I feel sick on them!

  4. Such wonderful photos I love your tangle and one direction that indulgence looks wonderful too!
    Sarah x

  5. Great photos, lots of colour! I think 'rock' is my favourite!

  6. Your indulgence looks so yummy. Very clever on direction - this was a winner.

  7. Great shots - love Tangled!

  8. Super variety ~ with a lot of thought put into your choices. I also like your tangle, beach art, yummy goodies, and your sweet family - can certainly see the resemblance between the two in the photo. I loved your multi-coloured duckies, and I'm with you on the ride...couldn't for the life of me go on that dizzy making contraption! Nice to see views a different part of the world.

  9. Great selection, what willing models you had! Love the action shot on the scooter and those ducks are just fab too.
    Lisa x

  10. Lovely photos. I really like the tangle and those sweets look divine.

  11. oh I love your photos! everyone!

  12. lovely photos, especially like the on the move one - you have really caught the feeling of movement. Think the smiley clown is a bit creepy! :-)

  13. Great photos! Clowns are creepy..

  14. What a nice group of photos, my favourites are the 2 first ones. The 1st photo really does convey the idea of movement and the 2nd one is very interesting.

  15. I love your tangle one and your son and husband shot, they are so alike. Wonderful pics!


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