Thursday, 31 May 2012

Scavenger Hunt {May}

I'm joining in with Kathy over at  Postcards from the P.P doing a scavenger hunt each month. These are the things we had to find this month.

Currency: An image of the Australian dollar at the mint.

Beverage:  What's nicer than a ice cold beer in a really hot country?

Nose: Two noses I saw at the Easter show.

Nine: A case of beer.

Front Page: All the front pages of this months magazines.

Historic: The first hospital in Australia, look at that lovely copper roof. 

Small Packages:  I found these small packages in a shop window.

DO you see what I see: Is that someone on the Sydney Opera house?

Good things: The boy I love most and cake, I'd say that's a good thing.

Yellow: A yellow autumn leaf in the early morning sunlight.

Station: A station we  pass twice a week on our way to squad training and I never have stopped to look at it till now.

Fragrant: The scent of this rose Mothers Love is out of this world.


  1. Stunning photo of the rose...and I can almost smell it! I enjoyed your entries; nice job!

  2. Great photos, especially the noses and the rose.

  3. Great photos! The rose is so beautiful:)

  4. Lovely photos. My favourites are the good things and the rose.

  5. Your photos are wonderful! I love the sentiment of your good things photo! The noses shot is very clever too!

  6. Great photos! I like the do you see what I see one!

  7. Beautiful just beautiful. I especially liked your gorgeous rose, currency and small packages.

  8. I love these theme based photographs! Sometimes they are funny like the horse nose one and the small package one !
    Your boy is blowing candles- Was it his Birthday ? If Yes, then sending him Birthday wishes from my side.
    I love the Autumn leaf picture and the rose picture the most as I love nature !
    Have a lovely day !

  9. Great photos I love that they have a different feel coming from Australia - with leaves instead of buttercups and the Sidney Opera Hose. Your currency is great!

  10. Strange to see an Autumn leaf when we are surrounded by signs of spring. The opera house photo is fantastic - was it a piece of modern 'art'?! A great selection, Ellen x

  11. Wow that rose is so pretty.
    Lovely selection of photos. I like the kangaroos!
    Lisa x

  12. Such great finds! I love the lines in your train shot :) Happy Sunday!

  13. beautiful rose! And I love your yellow autumn leaf - seems funny to think of autumn when we are only just getting into summer!

  14. I like Do you see what I see!

  15. Lovely photos, the rose reminded me of my favourite perfume ever the "Tea Rose" from the Body Shop.

  16. I like the Sydney Opera House, the nine beers and nose. Very good selection. P x


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