Sunday, 3 June 2012


Let me start off by saying this post is full of photos. Vivid is a light spectator that started 4 years ago and  is held in Sydney each year colouring the city

The Museum of contemporary art was one of the fantastic building that was lit up. 

There were many hands on activities to get you involved, ridding a bike to make electricity, screaming to open and close the flaps.  

As the centrepiece to Vivid artist are invited to transform the sails of the Sydney Opera House. We watched in amazement as the Opera house  came alive.

Customs House, in Circular Quay was one of the highlights for me. The lights were combined with music and the whole effect was spectacular. As I watched the changing images for at least 15 mins there was always so much to see.

We all had the best time even though it was cold and had to put up with huge crowds, we can't wait to see what next years Vivid lights has install for us. 


  1. Great shots! I love these light spectacles very much and you managed to take really good photos! We had a performance here in Berne for the first time last winter. I did love it a lot but my pics were so bad that I could not show them on my blog. I have heard that there is one again in December so I'll have another chance! Thanks for sharing - I am still in love with the Sidney Opera House. One of the most impressive buildings I have seen in my life. Christa

  2. Hello Greenthumb,
    Thanks for reading my blog and the lovely comment.
    I love the pics of Sydney during Vivid Lights. Is it a new thing? I lived in Melbourne for years and don't remember it but I've been back here for five years now.
    We have Lumiere in Durham and it is wonderful too.
    Cheers Gillian

  3. I have always enjoyed these sound and light shows ! In our city it happens every night in a structure called Victoria memorial . Sometimes, there is a voice narrating the history of our city from the background. The moving images created by light effects are so special ! The sound and light show in Sydeny is spectacular as I can appreciate it from your photographs. Thanks for sharing with us .

  4. fun! i have never seen a city light up like fun that must have been!!
    great pictures!


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