Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Slow cook pulled pork

I'm Trying to repost some of my recipes that I have published, they are showing up in draft form.

Tonight for dinner I cooked  slow cooked pulled pork. It was so easy and tasted really good.
I placed two chopped onions and  the pork butt in the slow cooker added one bottle of Jack Daniels smokey BBQ sauce and about one cup of water. The pork cooked on slow for about 5 1/2 hours, while I cleaned the house. I reduced the remainder of the liquid  in a saucepan, so we could poor the thickened sauce over the pork. I made a coleslaw to go with it, then we added it all to some nice crunchy bread rolls. It was a great dinner and now we have enough for 3 more meals.


  1. That looks delicious...
    Izzy broke her toe babysitting. She accidently kicked the stair gate!!!

  2. oh yum!! that cole slaw is a great idea!

  3. That looks delicious... I'll definitely give that a go. On another note... it took you five and a half hours to clean your house!!! So I"m thinking either you are the most thorough cleaner ever, or you live in a castle? jx

  4. I just gutted the house out for inside out, no castle for me just my little house.

  5. Wonderful mouthwatering photos ! My husband loves pork. Thanks for the recipe !


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