Monday, 7 May 2012

Wind Fall

On our trip home from Canberra a few weeks ago we stopped of in a small country town. We found a couple of Crabapple trees on the side of a property that had long been  abandoned. Master M and I picked 4 shopping bags full, I'm sure all those crabapples would have all fallen to the ground and rotted. Later in the week I made jars of Crabapple jelly.  


  1. Oh how delicious! Crabapples remind me of the flower fairy poem about crabapples which I loved when I was little... and still probably do ;-)

    At first sight those glistening windfalls looked a little like cherries. We are due cherries in a couple of weeks here in France.

    Have a beautiful week. I see you are a beetle shack fan too!


  2. Well done! They are such gorgeous fruits and I have only last autumn found out that one can make jelly out of them! When I see your tempting pics I start longing for them to ripen... You are such a great cook and so creative! Love it! Christa

  3. What a great find! they look so beautiful too... xxx

  4. The fruit looks so mouthwatering, we don't get it here ! Lovely photos too !


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