Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Cake

This is the Christmas Cake my mother's family has been making for years. I line the tin in brown paper and baking paper, I then wrap news paper to around the outside of the tin and I also sit the cake on a wad of news paper. I'm always happy to make this cake thinking of the women who have made this before me, and my cousins and I that are still making it to this day. 

Christmas cake

285gm Butter
285gm Sugar
340gm Plain Flour
285gm Seeded Raisins
340gm Sultanas
115gm Mixed Peel
170gm Currants
115gm Candied Cherrys (glassa)
115gm Blanched Chopped Almonds
6 Eggs
1 Wine Glass Rum ( Brandy) and I add 1 glass to the mixture.  Soak dried fruit for a few weeks before you bake the cake
1/2 teaspoon Salt

Cream butter and sugar together adding eggs one at a time. Mix in flour and fruit lastly adding the brandy.
Bake at 150-160 degrees C for about 2-3 hours.


  1. Thank you very much for this recipe! Christa

  2. Hello,
    That's looking good - just love the smell in the whole house of a Christmas cake cooking!! I am still amazed I haven't started eating my cake from underneath!!!

  3. I can almost smell it from here and it smells delicious.

  4. What a treat to discover your blog and read all the xmas posts - I love them! My xmas cake recipe is very similar to yours, but I add some walnuts and my new trick is to add a few spoonfuls of cocoa powder disolved in a couple of tablespoons of coffee. Your cake looks fabulous! Oh and the snow globes you made are just gorgeous! Becks x

  5. Oh does this bring back memories of my Mother and Aunts baking fruit cake and adding rum for weeks.
    I'll have plum pudding but I do envy your beautiful cake, enjoy!
    Merry Christmas
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  6. That looks a great christmas cake and how lovely that it's a recipe that has been handed down through the generations.

  7. How wonderful to have a family recipe. I have to admit to having never made a Christmas cake. I always rely on receiving one from my mum-in-law!
    M x

  8. I love hand me down recipes..,and christmas cake.

    Nina x


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