Monday, 9 December 2013

Paper Fan Decorations

This is a super easy DIY decoration, all you need is a old book, a glue stick, a hole punch and some string.

Step One: Fold pages like an accordion.
Step Two: Once you have folded strips, fold in half.

Step Three: Glue the folded sided together. I used a glue stick.
Step Four: Punch a hole towards the folded end for looping the string through.

Step Five: String them on to string.
Step Six: Add a hint of glitter.

Step Seven: String them up.
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  1. Perfect, cool and simple!!! I just love the way they look strung! They have an excellent vintage feel to them!!!

  2. You have made some great decorations this year. I'd love to see them all up in your house when you have finished decorating for Christmas Julie x

  3. love the up cycling vintage vibe. Great ideas for decorating. I bet your house looks wonderful:)

  4. Very clever idea, bet it looks great up.

  5. It looks very easy to make, thank you for sharing!

  6. They look really neat and so easy to make. xx

  7. Oh they are nice and different. xx

  8. I've seen lots of these types of decorations this year.XX

  9. What a great idea so simple too!
    Sarah x

  10. These are great, very simple and vintage-looking.


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