Thursday 31 July 2014

Scavenger Hunt

These are my photos for this months Scavenger Hunt If you would like to join in, just leave a link on the Scavenger Hunt  page to your photos collection, on your  Blog. That way we can all see and enjoy them. I now have a Scavenger Hunt Button on my home page, that will link back to the Scavenger hunt page, It would be great if you could use the button on your Blogs.

C is for
 Clouds taken while we all went for a walk down at the holiday house.

 Take last night, my bed side table two watches telling me it's 9pm.

I snot know what the name of this plant is, but the photo was taken early in the morning down by the water.

Pool: A little rock pool.

 Home made pizza dough, made into a garlic pizza.

Liquid: A tasting selection of locale beer.

I don't think it's quite a lever, but it's the best I could find this month.

On the wall:Street art.


Together: A selfie taken down at Hyms beach.

In your bag: 
How much crap do I carry around, you will be pleased to know I cleaned up the contents of my hand bag after this photo was taken.

Your view of today:
Well not today, but one day day this month spent walking the dogs on the beach.

 How sweet would this be, to see the one you love wright this in the sky.

I would love it if joined in on the Scavenger hunt, it just a bit of fun each month and a good way to keep us inspired to take photos.

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  1. These are beautiful photos! We have interpreted some of the prompts in a remarkably similar way. The sky writing is sweet indeed and I also love the cloud photo. Thank you for hosting again this month! Cx

  2. How gorgeous is the cloud photo with the reflection in the water!

  3. Wonderful collection of photos! I especially love the first one (clouds). Gorgeous!

  4. I do so love this idea and I keep meaning to join in, so I'm going to diarise it for next time!
    Lovely pics as always, that walk along the beach is my favourite.
    Happy weekend, xx

  5. Your photos are lovely this month. I love the stem, the clouds and the sky writing. Cool!

  6. Lovely photos :) I particularly love the clouds photo and the walk on the beach and stem. I must be naturally nosy as I love seeing the random contents of people's bags (so looking forward to see everyone's bag contents!). I like that you carry an emergency rainbow lollipop in your bag!

  7. Beautiful set of photos, I have joined for the first time this month and look forward to doing Augusts photos next moth. Such a great idea.
    Amanda (The quiet Walker)

  8. Garlic pizza looks great! The watch photo is clever for 9pm.

  9. Your photos are wonderful and the home made pizza dough looks scrummy! x

  10. I definitely need to make a garlic pizza now. :)

  11. Lever was a hard one - I sort of cheated on that one, too.

    The clouds are beautiful, the beach is lovely, but my favorite is Sweet. That's adorable! Thanks for hosting - I can't wait to see all the other hunts.

  12. Thanks for hosting this each month - I love taking part even though sometimes it's a challenge! You always come up with great interpretations. Sweet, view and stem are lovely but my favourite is the beautiful view for C - the colours are just amazing. x

  13. That first shot is out of this world!!! You need to frame that as the colors are just extraordinary!! And I loved seeing your wedding photo and the selfies!!! A lovely weekend to you!!! Nicole xo

  14. It is always so interesting to see how you picture each month's themes! Clouds, Stem, Selfie and Sweet were my favorites this time, and several of your comments prompted me to :)

  15. A nice collection - I love your 'stem' and the dough looks very good!

  16. Lovely set of photos - the first one is stunning! :)

  17. A wonderful set of photos ~ beginning with that exquisite sunset cloud photo. Selfie was a great idea for Together, and I'm sure many of us can relate to the bag clean-up! The slice in your previous post looks yummy, and I'd like a taste right now :) Thanks again for hosting these monthly hunts.

  18. A lovely collection for the scavenger hunt, that first photo is absolutely stunning.

  19. Great photos!!
    I changed my blog address so I'm no longer on any of your follow lists, please note my new address, it's ... I miss my blogging friends!

  20. Such great finds - especially the last one!! xx

  21. This is such a great idea, I have made a now and hope to join in next month! Your photos are great :)

  22. That cloud/lake shot is exquisite! So beautiful! I took a similar cloud-scape recently- it was beautiful but sadly had houses underneath instead! Phwoar, I'll have some of that garlic dough bread please!!! Ha, I store absolutely heaps of crap in my bag too (and a zillion shredded nasty tissue-bits!!!)
    The 9pm shot is really great! Clever way of doing it!
    Did you actually see that I love u in the sky?! Wow, what are the chances of that!??!?!!
    The liquid shot is brilliant! So cleverly done!!! x
    A great assortment all in all. x

  23. Great pics - I would not want to photograph the inside of my bag.

  24. Love those fluffly pink clouds

  25. A lovely collection of photos. Gorgeous cloud shot. I like the stem, on the wall, walk on the beach and the sky writing was a lovely finish. Thank you for hosting the scavenger hunt.

  26. I love this scavenger idea! When can I join in for next time??

  27. If you would like to join in, just leave a link on the Scavenger Hunt page to your photos collection, on your Blog. click here


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