Friday, 1 May 2015

Scavenger Hunt (April 2015)

These are my photos for this months Scavenger Hunt If you would like to join in, just leave a link on the Scavenger Hunt  page to your photos collection, on your  Blog. That way we can all see and enjoy them. I now have a Scavenger Hunt Button on my home page, that will link back to the Scavenger hunt page, It would be great if you could use the button on your Blogs.

Upside down: 
My view of a palm tree while relaxing on the beach.

I wonder what BB stands for.

A bench seat at the end of our garden,
 a birthday present from mum a couple of years ago.

Something sweet:
I made some chocolate orange cookies.

We have watched this little Butcher Bird growing up in our garden.

A glass ball I saw at the markets.

How nice it is to have your bed made for you each day, 
and to have fresh flowers laid on your pillow is a real treat.

Sydney has been hit with some really heavy rains last week,
it was very dangers driving, school pick was a nightmare.

Eggs for baking something sweet.

I saw these fresh herbs on the front of a van,  
having just been picked from a market garden.

He had to use his feet while surfing.

Whatever you want:
On the 25th of April was ANZAC day,
this photo was taken at a poppy field made for the 100 years  

If anyone has any ideas for the Scavenger hunt list please let me know, it would be great.

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  1. (link sent me to March photos !) hope you are well and a Wonderful set of photos, love the rain shot and the image in your last photo...
    Amanda xx

  2. Great interpretations - I would like to be sitting under that palm tree for sure.

  3. Great set of photos and I love the look of your chocolate orange cookies. I haven't taken part for ages but would like to join the May challenge if I may? P x

  4. Can't beat the view of the palm tree ~ enjoyed your set of photos ~ what a sweet little bird :)

  5. Enjoyable collection, Jill! I connected emotionally with every one, especially the poppies. Poppies are woven into my soul for remembrance. The glass ball at the market is exactly like the floats that my fishing forebears sewed into their nets. I have one in my bedside table drawers along with my box filled with small Nova Scotian mementos. You bake such delicious treats! I wish I could bake more and eat more goodies, but trying to pare some weight off is so hard.

    Ideas for the hunt? I so appreciate what you are doing. I don't have a suggestion other than to say I really enjoy the wide-open choices, because they can be interpreted so many ways. I loved that you added a "whatever" category because all of us, I am quite sure, have photos we'd like to work in. And really, the items themselves aren't so important ~ it's the thrill of the hunt.

    My students always loved to hunt for shapes and lines in photos, like "square" or "parallel." I know you've done some of these in the past, but that could be an idea.

    Have a good weekend, my "Upside Down" friend!

  6. I love your garden..beautiful. I have never seen a butcher bird....they are adorable. Re: ideas for scavenger hunt....what about letters seen in items eg. windows of buildings; in wrought iron; tools; etc. Emotions? just some thoughts:) Have a great weekend. B

  7. Hi lovely lady! Thank you for another list, I always love them!
    Your poppies are beautiful and I always enjoy seeing your son swimming or at least in the water! I'venot heard of a butcher bird, how cool it is!
    The rain is really clear too, brilliant one! I totally cheated on that! How nice is that seat in the garden.
    As to ideas, how about:
    What about those _ is for ones you used to do, e.g Z is for?


  8. Great finds!! I think that BB stands for Brilliant Blog and was there just for you for your Brilliant Blog!!! As for suggestions, gosh, I don't take part so don't really feel that I can make suggestions, but what about light, foot and wax. Just random words that came to me!! xx

  9. Hey just done your scavenger hunt for the first time. I really want one of those cookies.:) Love the Butchers Bird.:)

  10. Lovely photos friend! I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful garden!! And those cookies you made look amazing! Wishing you a great weekend ahead! Nicole xo

  11. You found lots of interesting things to photograph. I would love to be relaxing under that palm tree or sitting in your lovely garden watching that sweet bird. Hope all is well with you and the weather has improved in Sydney. Thank you for organising the scavenger hunt. I've added my name for May and hope it's on the right list! It will be a challenge for me once more!

  12. Lovely collection of photos. I wish I was staring up at that palm tree right now. Also love growth, glass, fresh and whatever. x
    I'd been writing ideas for categories in case you asked again, so how about: rust, poster, positive, bow, joke, classic, spread, clasp, bead, weed, walk, watch, pile, slippers, socks. Like Louise, I've enjoyed having the 'whatever' category so I can use a random photo which doesn't fit with any of my other posts!

  13. Lovely photos and I've enjoyed them all. The baby bird is sweet, love your garden seat and your last photo is wonderful, thanks for organising the hunt:)

  14. Wonderful photos today.

  15. Fantastic collection this month! I'll have to give list ideas some thought and get back to you. It must be hard coming up with the new lists, thanks for doing it!

  16. Great snaps, your Anzac Day shot is very poignant and I love the fluffy little bird. Those biscuits of yours look delicious...I bet they didn't hang around. Was going to make a few suggestions but see you have loads already. Thanks so much for keeping the hunt going, it is a real challenge.x

  17. Your images always make me smile! These are a lovely selection. Sarah x

  18. Eu gostei de todas suas fotos o banco no jardim, algo doce, crescimento, vidro, enfim, sua caçada foi bem agradável.
    Amei a visita e seu comentário em meu blog.Minha filha já se sente melhor.:)
    Agradeço por permitir participar de mais uma caçada.
    Um excelente fim de semana.

  19. Very beautiful post! You have a very interesting blog!
    Would you like us to follow eachother on GFC and keep in touch?
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo


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