Monday, 1 June 2015

Scavenger Hunt (May 2015)

These are my photos for this months Scavenger Hunt If you would like to join in, just leave a link on the Scavenger Hunt  page to your photos collection, on your  Blog. That way we can all see and enjoy them. I now have a Scavenger Hunt Button on my home page, that will link back to the Scavenger hunt page, It would be great if you could use the button on your Blogs.

An under water seen from Vivid.

 Dew drop in the early morning.

Some old fishing reals.

 He pulled all the fluff out his new toy.

Master M now trains year round in an out pool, under the light of our global moon.


Not the usual kind of buses we see in Sydney.

Some of my Mum's art work, framed and hanging in photograph exhibition.

A collection at Vivid.



Whatever you want:
Jellyfish at Vivid.

If anyone has any ideas for the Scavenger hunt list please let me know, it would be a great help.

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  1. A super set of photos! I like your Mum's art work and the bus! Thank you for organising the scavenger hunt challenge. Have a good week!

  2. Ooh you have some really clever ones like the fluff one and the bus! The dew like crystals is also very effective!
    Master M must be very good at his swimming, does he want to do it professionally?x

  3. I forgot about the soft toy inside fluff. We have loads of it because our dog is very naughty. The Vivid photos are all great!
    I can put a list together for July if you like. Email me if you do: christinascolourfullife at gmail dot com
    Thanks for organising once more. Cx

  4. Super set of photos, have enjoyed looking at them. Love fluff - doggy toys don't last long do they? I also like blue, collection and poster. Thank you for organising the hunt it is always fun to do:)

  5. Your photos are vivid with color and make an awesome collection; but hands down, my favorite was fluff! I busted out laughing and called my hubby over to see it! Nicely done, Jill!

  6. Such a wonderful variety of vibrant photos! How wonderful that your mum has exhibited her art work. The expression on your dog's face is priceless... great shot. Your son is doing so well with his swimming!

  7. My dog does exactly the same. Never thought of that for fluff. Liking the masks and the dew drops. :)

  8. Great photos as always. I love vintage, fluff and collection. Thanks for continuing to organise the Hunt - did you notice though that you've given us poster again? you could just change it to post? x

  9. Great finds! Especially the jellyfish! xx

  10. You shared such wonderful photos! I love the picture of your adorable little Fraser! He's the cutest. The the crystal dewdrops photo is amazing. My best to you. And, thanks for hosting such a great party!

  11. I love it all! Such a cool poster and look at your son go!!!!! How outstanding that he has such passion! Beautiful photos friend! Nicole xo

  12. Love the interpretations - love the crystal photo.

  13. This was a tough one! I do love you crystal choice.

  14. Hello, I found you via Kezzie's blog - I might just have to join in, it's been ages since I took part in a scavenger hunt.


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