Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Scavenger Hunt (June 2015)

These are my photos for this months Scavenger Hunt If you would like to join in, just leave a link on the Scavenger Hunt  page to your photos collection, on your  Blog. That way we can all see and enjoy them. I now have a Scavenger Hunt Button on my home page, that will link back to the Scavenger hunt page, It would be great if you could use the button on your Blogs.

J is for ?

 An old tin shed up near my sons school.

A very smooth sculpture. 

An outfit made out of fruit and flowers.

The Sydney Opera House an classic Australian icon.

These little fish all look similar to me.

Lot of different coloured beads.

My husband got one of these mugs for fathers day.

Parallel fishing rods.

I couldn't find any sock photos, so this will have to do. 

Some posts in the ground made lovely art work.

Whatever you want:
My little Rosie enjoying the wind in here face.

If anyone has any ideas for the Scavenger hunt list please let me know, it would be a great help.

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  1. Those jellyfish are stunning! Super Dad's Day Mug :) Where else do socks belong than in shoes ~ great idea, and great shoes. A photo of parallel fishing rods was quite a find, especially with the bathers in the background. Little Rosie is a keeper :)

  2. These are marvellous! What fun and clever photos. The jellyfish is cool and I really like the other fish shot. The parallel one us v ingenious!x

  3. Wonderful photos! I love the fishing poles and your little Rosie is so adorable. Thank you for hosting such a great scavenger hunt :)

  4. Love the imagination shot and the rust one is very similar to mine.I have my dog for 'whatever i want' too and I love your take on post. I totally misread Bead as Bread! I must need specs. X

  5. A great set of photos! Loved the sculpture, those differently decorated posts and Rosie's expression.

  6. Fun to see your neat photos and I especially loved seeing Rosie, too :)

  7. Really fantastic pictures and great takes on the themes!! xx

  8. I like the imagination best.

    Okay, I truly must organize my June photos. Off to do it.

  9. Great photos - the jelly fish are amazing and I love parallel and little Rosie's face in the wind:)

  10. A nice collection of photos - I love the jelly fish!

  11. how sweet does Rosie look here!?
    I found you via Kezzie's blog and took part for the first time this month, I took most of my photos during our honeymoon in Zurich - hubby helped me to find some of them!

  12. Love your interpretations this month, particularly J, smooth and similar. Those beads are so colourful. x

  13. By the way, some ideas for words to hunt for; apologies if we have already done these:
    Gate, fruit, Tah dah! confusing, novelty, squishy, opaque, mysterious, gloomy, brittle, joy, fulfilled, friendly, clarity, wine-coloured, iridescent, grain, welcome, colourless, forgotten, mesmerising, quick, triangular, thought, prism, lattice, proud, dreamy, crowd, frown, cartoon, new,
    Hope that's a help!

  14. Lovely set of pictures. I am rather late catching up with the pictures this month. It always amazes me how different the ideas of the group are for the same word, but perhaps I forget how widely spread we all are.

    Thank you

  15. As always a wonderful selection of images! Were the fishing rods just for display? Dear Rosie looks so cute enjoying that wind! Sarah x


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