Sunday, 3 July 2011

Cobbity Markets

Hi, just let me start off by telling you that our computer was infected by 2 viruses so it was down for a while. We had to wait to see if a friend could help, then with no luck we had to take the computer to the shop to be cleaned. Such a pain these hacker people, hopefully it's all fixed now.
Yesterday we spent a lovely day at Cobbity markets near Narrellan. We wandered around in the sunshine looking at all that was on offer. I had a taste of the Macaroons and the boys tasted the Chocolate brownies.  Very yummy. It was great to see all the hand made items that were on offer. We finished the day off with a chizoro roll and chicken roll.
All the the photos were taken by Master M on his i pod, as my camera had a flat battery.

I am glad to back online blogging!


  1. Hnadmade markets are really interesting! The photos are lovely and it seems like you enjoyed yourselves a lot!
    Glad to have you back!

  2. Wondered where you were! Glad you are back on line. Naughty viruses!!
    What a wonderful market.
    Love master m's photographs.

  3. Welcome back!
    Lovely pictures, such yummy goodies on display!

  4. Oh poor you and welcome back. I love your photos and those macaroons look very tempting indeed!

  5. Macaroons seem all the rage now a days. I follow a few blogs with recipes for them. I better get out the old mixer and give them a try. Lovely photos of your day out.

  6. Oh dear - that is not good.

    I love the look of that market.

    Nina x


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