Saturday, 21 April 2012


We spent today in Cabramatta, it is the known as the Sydney's culinary united nations. It is predominantly Vietnamese, there was a hive of activity all around from the pho establishments to the super cheap fresh produce shops selling so many different things that you have no idea what to do with.

There were so many drinks to choose from fresh sugar cane to bubble drinks.

 In the end it was time to come home with tired feet, full tummies and bags full of great looking food.


  1. Awesome! A great place to try something new and different I bet!

  2. That food looks amazing, I'm not surprised you wouldn't know what to do with some of it. What a great day out!
    Sarah x

  3. That all looks amazing, glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  4. It looks fab, I would loved to have gone!

    Lou xxx

  5. Looks like this day out was great fun and a chance to find out about other foodstuffs and how to prepare them! Have a wonderful Monday! Christa

  6. Wow what a place...I have been to the Vic Markets in Melbourne but this looks amazing too, I will add it to THE lIST! Thank you so much for your lovely comment,

    Sarah -x-

  7. Wow ! I love jackfruit. A few days ago, I made raw jackfruit curry. I also love to eat ripe jackfruit. And sugar cane juice is my all time favourite and it is a great way to beat the summer heat! Thank you for sharing the photos with us.
    take care,

  8. What a wonderful account of your trip to Cabramatta. Such a sensory place to visit. Lots of new a wonderful things to tempt you to try something different. Dragonfruit is really quite yummy but quite daunting to buy. Victoria Markets is on my list of places to see and I'm hopeful it will be a similar experience and I'll come home full of inspiration!

    1. Thanks Ness, we all had a great time and trying to think of a fun place to go next. Vic markets are great fun, we will come with you when we are down with you.

  9. hello! found my way here by bloghopping but have really enjoyed reading your blog! this particular post stirred memories because I lived near sydney as a child (I am english) and the name cabramatta leapt off the page at me and stirred up long forgotten dusty memories!

    Leanne x


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